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There are millions of fitness and diet books out there... Finally someone who recognises that you have a demanding life and hectic job has a solution that works even for the busiest of schedules...
Fed Up Of Being The Overweight, Out Of Shape Dad In The Park..?

Leading Fitness & Nutrition Expert Gav Gillibrand Will Show You How To Lose 30lbs+ Look Great In & Out Of Your Suit, And Be A Good Role Model For Your Kids!
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Here's A Peek Inside 'The GHG Method ':
  • How To lose 30lbs, look great in & out of your suit, and be a good role model for your kids... even with a lack of time and energy
  • Learn how to use the “211” fat loss formula that has helped 100’s of clients lose body fat and keep it off with ease 
  • This isn't just any old weight loss book. It covers the 3 fundamental steps I have used to transform the lives of over 530 busy, executive clients.

    (I know that's a big claim, but go with me for now...)

    These client transformations have been a result of over 15,000 hours of 121 personal training and online coaching sessions and personal investment of over £100,000 in my own learning as a coach over 20 years in the health & fitness industry. 
  • Real, physical book you can hold in your hands & scribble notes on. You'll get all the actionable content to hold in your hands.
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